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Product Description

We provide Dynamic balancing, On Site balancing Services to companies in the Pune, Nashik, Kolhapur, Satara, Raigad, Maharashtra as well as all over India.

PRAKASH Balancing offer on site balancing service which is an operation of making the center of gravity of the rotary mass in line with the axis of rotation to reduce the centrifugal force and resultant couple which are the main causes of the vibration. Unbalance, is required to be corrected at site. Our specialized onsite balancing service helps carry out accurate balancing of rotors in the plant without removing them. Accurate results are achieved within required tolerance within short period of time.

Balancing technique “ON SITE " is useful in open access rotors such as fans, rollers, spindles, rotors , Fixtures or in closed access clearing dishes pre - installed, as the case of vertical pumps, turbines, etc. The main advantage of balance “On Site “is the cost savings in the removal, transport, and assembly bench execution large rotors or weights, or installed in inaccessible locations requiring cranes or other hazardous operations. All rotating components experience significant quality and performance improvements if balanced. Balancing is the process of minimizing vibration, noise and bearing wear of rotating bodies. When unbalance has been identified and quantified, the correction is straightforward. Weight has to be either added or removed from the rotating element. The ultimate aim being to reduce the uneven mass distribution so that the centrifugal forces and hence the vibrations induced in the supporting structures are at an acceptable level.

Implementing a balanced work according to the recommendation that includes ISO - 1940 provides the following advantages :
• Decrease fatigue loading on the supports and increasing the useful life of the bushings and bearings.
• Reduced vibration and noise that could affect the quality of the processed product.
• Saving energy in the rotor drive less heating and electric motors.
• Increased reliability of the equipment and process as well as of operational safety by preventing any release of rotor by the action of centrifugal force.